How much will treatment cost and will my insurance cover it?

Everyone deserves to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

If you have dental insurance, this may provide full or partial coverage. Our office will contact your insurance company to learn what they will cover. As a courtesy to our patients, we will gladly work with your dental benefits provider to maximize your insurance coverage.

We feel that finances should never be an obstacle to treatment. For your convenience, we offer several payment options to best suit your individual needs. Our office manager will be happy to answer any of your financial or insurance questions.

What are the medical consequences if I delay treatment?

When infection gets under the gum into the bone around your teeth, it can then enter your blood stream. From there, it travels to other parts of the body and can contribute to medical problems.

Recent research has found that patients with periodontal disease are more than twice as likely to suffer heart disease and stroke.

How do I obtain the medical history form?

Please click here to download the medical history form.